Interesting Utube vids - just for entertainment, of course!


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I've worked with a few Explosive Ordnance Disposal guys in my time, most started doing a nice cushie job as an ammunition technician before finding out they were off to be bomb disposal technicians in Afghanistan. One guy landed back in Australia only to find that the 2 guys he worked with and trained up were killed in an IED blast while he was on the way home.

If you want a good read and can find it, Braver Men Walk Away by Peter Gurney, he worked cleaning up the WW2 mine fields in Libya and Northern Island. He was sitting on a bomb in London when it was triggered, but it ignited, rather than detonated and only got a burnt leg. Very lucky.

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Interesting?? Not really, MSM spin and lies just influenced by corporate greed and lies followed up by political spin and lies and the public just suck up the vomit they are fed.
Nothing new, nothing that hasn't been discussed here multiple times, its just that most who raise the lies, spin and greed are labelled and boxed.
The quicker the majority of the population accept the facts of how the modern world works and view everything from that perspective the better IMO


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not just america,
here is a home grown
Beau is a funny bugger, I've watched all his stuff, I particularly liked his Junk Office and A mile an hour. His paddling Bass Strait also looked do-able, but I'm sure I'd never be seen again if I tried it.


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Anyone else see this one come up from the guy stuck in the simpson late last year?

Rather than focusing on what the guy did wrong it is info on what happens when you hit the "oh dear" button on your epirb/spot etc



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This is cool.

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