Interesting Utube vids - just for entertainment, of course!


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The Leyland brothers and families are certainly legends for their exploration of Australia and efforts in bringing their adventurers to the Australian public!


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Alternative to Unimog/Daily/Canter 4x4?

Has some good points but also a number of bad . The biggest issue is its width and comparatively low payload compared to the alternatives. Russian build will most likely mean very agricultural compared to the others ( although it has more cup holders than a 79)
They conveniently left the Iveco out of comparisons they did apart from a passing mention of one. That could be because the directors of AAV used to be Iveco dealers and there is probably some legal contractural arrangement that they stay at arms length with them


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I wouldn't take this message from Tucker and his mate too seriously. They are not scientists but known climate change deniers.
Once this is driven into every day life and peoples minds , the author is irrelevant.
The message to me is oppose the Greens and any party that gives them oxygen.