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Saw this pic of Champion surfer Mick Fanning during the week . He has announced his retirement from pro surfing and this was taken before his last heat at Snapper rocks during the Quiksilver pro . His sitting on the beach collecting his thoughts and getting his head into competitive mode before competing , not sure if the hoards of people getting a pic of him helped him or hindered him ?.


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You know you're in a country town when this drives down the main street.
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I know someone that had a beast hanging on the back of a ute like that, got thirsty and decided a quick drive threw run was needed. There only problem was not slowing enough when going threw the roundabout, carcass swung out the side
and they ended arse up right out the front of the pub in main st of the town.
Lots of lookers and comments and a red face or two.
Only in the country.
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