Interesting 4wd Insurance Story


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Tasmanian couple Stuart Edwards and Janetta Welinska are being sued for more than $54,300 after the Landcruiser they hired became bogged, then suffered water damage.
The $33,000 breakdown
Mr Bullas is locked in a legal battle with Australian 4WD Hire after a trip to Cape York in 2016 resulted in a massive bill.

Mr Bullas, 54, his wife, and 80-year-old father were travelling the Old Telegraph Track when he says their hired Landcruiser, which had done nearly 370,000 kilometres, showed signs of contaminated fuel.

A mechanic cleaned out the fuel tank and they refuelled, but about five kilometres on, Mr Bullas said the turbo blew up.

Won't be hiring a 4wd anytime soon.


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I read this story this morning, this bloke sounds like a leech who just preys on those that don't know any better.

Mr Bullas taking him on in court, hope he wins, website shows picture of 4WD going through a river and the fine print says no river crossing. Not to mention no driving after dark and basicly don't take it off the bitumen. Oh and they'll chech the GPS tracking and deny you bond return if you have exceeded the speed limit, even if you haven't been detected by a lawful speed checking device.

Toads like this should be outted at every opportunity.


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Ive read a bit elsewhere about speeding and they have some real low maximum speed when 4wding too. The business sound like a real gem to deal with.
Would be interesting to know who there underwriter is or if there self insurers.


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I didn’t read the article, but the owner and the company were mentioned in parliament in QLD last week and a warning was issued about dealing with them.


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I read of another case where the bond was withheld because they drove over the speed limit noted in the agreement
The speeding offence was determined by the onboard tracker


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Sounds dodgy AF. The director hands over the reigns of the company to his wife 4 months before being declared bankrupt. Still works within the company as the fleet manager and seems to be the guy doing all the talking.


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Also in the fine print of the "Agreement" is that you are not allowed to put up bad reviews online. Says it all really.
That's plain ridiculous! The problem is the majority of us (myself included) don't take the time to read through the mountain of conditions we agree and sign to when hiring a vehicle. Vendors know this and take advantage.


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Nothing been said here that wasn't in news story, so if they can't shut that down I'd say.....bite me!
They seem to object to all the people bagging them out and telling stories on the other sites. Stuff that isn't in the news story. You have to be reasonably skilled to write without getting into legal trouble. News sites are because they vet things through lawyers, us forum bumpkins not so much. :)


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I'm being diplomatic and not saying what's in the heart but I think it sounds like he makes more money from court cases than 4x4 hire


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That is crazy for the people who hired from 4WD Hire. A recent article by Pat C was written about it too:

That's pretty ridiculous for a 4WD company, what's the point of hiring a "4WD" if it's just gonna be on bitumen...
or if it's just made for some unsealed graded roads, give them an AWD car instead of charging loads of $$$ on a Landcruiser or Hilux for hire
I'm glad I went with Apollo when I went to the Top End
It's like the winch warranties, advertising you can drive through rivers, mud and snow, but the fine print says do not get wet...(although they have improved in the last couple of years).. Obviously some areas haven't..

There Promo clearly shows driving through a river.

The Product Review site has a few bad reviews but there's plenty of happy customers also. These days people should search the net and there's no excuse not too really so you can make an informed choice regarding businesses...


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Just having a read throught their Ts & Cs located here and from what I can deduce with my non-legal educated understanding is that if you went down an unsealed gazetted road at under 60km/h and found a nice campsite and it started to rain then you could not move from that location until it dried enough that there would be no loss of traction or impaired driving.

Clause 8 is a ripper. $500 for each instance of "Driver Behaviour Damage". So if you drove into that campsite at 62km/h and drove out in the rain that's $1,000. Exceeding a posted speed limit by a small amount does not cause $500 damage to a vehicle.

Also clause 9. $5000 security bond and another $5000 if you intend to go to "Restricted or Remote Area" (in the reasonable opinion of the Company, see Schedule 8) add on the daily hire cost and you could buy a vehicle.

And if you suddenly find yourself in fog or heavy rain you have to stop placing you and your loved ones in a dangerous situation until conditions improve.

I didn't read it all but some of this document seems a bit over the top and appears to be designed for the letters of litigation that people have received.

Clause 5.j. but then again I haven't signed this "Agreement"