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What’s everyone’s opinions on after market intercoolers it worth the time and cash for the upgrade or better things can spend it on. Also how much of a difference will you see purchasing a aftermarket one.


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Do you have an intercooler fitted already?
Is front or top mount?
Have you upgraded your exhaust and inlet? A good snorkel will make a big difference

Barra GU

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What car ?
What boost?
What power?

I run a shitty 250 dollar chinese cooler and its currently reached its limits at 420rwhp...

I have ordered a custom 300x600x100 plazmaman fmic with 3 inch inlet /outlet with a new 4 inch exhaust.

The second i get them installed going in for a tune to go for the 500rwkw+ mark....

I domt know What your plansare or what vehicle but best going a decent brand...

Shit cheap onesthat claim hi flow rates dont allow the cooler to do its job properly and doesnt cool the boost enough...

Stick with a decent brand for big boost/hi hp applications otherwiseif youre aiming for under 200rwkw a chinese 250 dollar cooler will be fine