Intercooler Fan

Rick Harper

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I have 3lt 2007 patrol and I have heard that you can buy a fan that will fit above the intercooler. The fan fits neatly in the bonnet scoop. Anybody know who makes it or where I can buy one?

They are run and keep the cooler, colder so you get more power for a very little out lay(about $50-00). Well that is what I have been told. Is it true? ;)




Hi Rick, helped a neighbour fitting up his a few weeks ago.
His was bought off ebay 2nd hand from a bloke, this said for what he paid you could easy fashion it up yourself for less.
DC thermo fan 8 curved blades ( push more air ) about $45 off ebay and has 4 mounting holes- off cut of alloy plate say 15 bucks - wiring etc and switch $20. the rest is easy.
Theory here is it helps at low speeds for traffic and off road work as there is a small amount of air passing through the intercooler, above say 60-70+klm/hr you get decent flow anyway, more the faster you travel. his is switched as there is no point having it on at 80-100 on the open roads. hope this helps.

Rick Harper

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So we all agree a fan is a good cheep option. So can anyone tell be what fan I need and where do I get it? It was mentioned that a 8 curved blade fan was the way to go but do anyone know what brand or model or where they are sold besides Ebay? Thanks in advance for your input. Regards…. Rick


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Hi Rck,

I put one on a 2000 model 3ltr, using the existing cover.

Bought 7" fan off ebay about $25.00, and a 50deg thermo switch from Jaycar electronics (normally open), a relay, and some wire.

Take a power feed of the ignition wire at the wiper plug, through the thermo switch to control the relay. Main Power wire for fan comes from battery through fuse/cuircuit breaker to the relay.

Attach the thermo switch to the intercooler surounds so that as the intercooler heats up switch turns on and fan starts. Only runs when ignition is on. Dont drill any holes into the intercooler body, use the support flaps on the outside.

Attach the fan to the existing cover by bolting to a plate of aluminium/plastic then bolt this to the cover.

Sorry I have sold the car and don't have any photos.

Rick Harper

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Hi, a bit of an update. I brought and Ice Thermal Fan (cost $69-00) which comes in a kit with the harness and relay. With all your help and suggestions I found it very easy to fit. Just took all of the plastic bits off, took the 4 bolts that hold the intercooler on and undid the two hoses. The kit comes with bolts which fit through the fins in the intercooler. Put it all back. Connect to the battery and the power switch and all done. I did not use a thermal switch as I did not know how or where to fit it and did not want to drill hols in the intercooler so it runs when the ignition is turned on. Tested it last weekend and all went well. I feel it has more power at slow speeds below 80ks but the same on the freeway. Yet to do a fuel test. Next are a power chip and a stainless steel 3”exhaust. May be an early Xmas present.

Thanks for all your help.