Installing power point in camper trailer


G'day fellas I've just purchased a camper trailer, it's running twin batteries which charge of the car while driving through the Anderson set up, it only runs a few lights and water tap at the moment but I want to install 1 maybe a couple of powerpoints around the trailer, my question is how do I do this

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I assume you want to use 12 volt outlets.
I use Merit type plugs in the back of my rig and would do the same in a camper.
Merit Type Plugs & Sockets - Products - Narva

Basicly the set up I'd sugest...
Battery positive to a fuse box Boxes - Products - Narva
Fuse box to each plug positive using the red wire of a multicore wire(2 core)Marine - Products - Narva
The black of the multi core wire conects to the negative of each plug.
The black then conects direct to the earth on the battery.
(For this you run a single wire to a body bolt and conect each of the above earth wires to it)
This can be done with single wires but the above would be a neater finish as a first timer project.
This also has each outlet fused individualy.

I would posibly run the wire in a plastic conduit and cable tie it off so it does rub when your driving.
Make sure it doesn't get jambed in any moving parts of the camper when it opens and closes.

I used the Narva site as it had the links that where handy, there are other brands that can be used.
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