Installing 2nd row seats in a 2001 Mitsubishi Challenger


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So I currently have a bed in the back but I want to convert it to a collapsible bed and re-install some rear seats.

But I'm having problems finding info on how to actually install the seats.

Could someone explain to me like I'm 5 on how to do it?

I bought the car with a bed in the back so I dont know if any important parts for the rear seats are missing...

Luckily the previous owner kept the rear seat belts in but I dont know where the middle seat belt and all the buckles are. Are these attached to the rear seats?

I would like to crack on with my car while I have a few days off work so any help would be appreciated.


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Been a while since I had my PA Challenger so my memory might be a bit foggy, but no the middle seat belt and all buckles attach to the "floor" not the seat itself. From memory I think there should be 2 "hinges" which are on the bottom front of the seats which bolt onto the seat and the 'floor". basically all you have to do (if they are attached to the seat is flod the hinge down and bolt it to the floor. There are existing captive nuts in the floor you shouldn't miss them. Sorry I can't remember more than that.

PS ....good on you for getting a PA Challenger, they are awesome starter 4x4's, very capable.