Ingeegoodbee Track/Macfarlane Flat Track


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Does any one know if theses tracks are open, we are heading off this weekend thru Bairnsdale north up the Snowy Mountain Rd, over the border to NSW and hoped to return down the Ingeegoodbee Track onto Macfarlanes and slowly wind back to Melbourne
Some people are saying they are closed due to deterioration but no one knows precisely!
Any clues please


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Pretty sure they're closed, they were in December. Best bet would be to ring the relevant authorities and hear it from them directly.


It's closed due to bushfire damage. I called parksvic a couple of weeks ago and was advised that it is closed and due to people still doing it they have increased patrols.


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Thanks guys, can you recommend other tracks in the general area, have to be adrenaline inducing so we have some thing to talk about at night with a few beers o_O


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It's strange that it is not marked on mapshare/more to explore as being closed because that is generally pretty accurate.