Ineos Grenadier


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I’ve followed this project for a while and it looks like it will come to Oz.
Is this going to be the 110/130 series we should have had all along?
3 litre straight six TD with a ZF auto with HD twin locked driveline.
Will the driver’s seat fit a human? Will it cost what they say? $60 - $70k.

Good things can happen when billionaires get their noses out of joint evidently. Thoughts?



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If it does make it here in ute form, I'd say it is very likely I will end up with one in my driveway if they do achieve that $60-70k price tag.


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Thats where the issue will be, how do you keep a very low volume build and demand price tag down?
Something definitely worth keeping eyes on


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Lots of capital to loose lots of coin until you reach a reasonable volume? Depends on I’d it’s a warning shot or if they are looking for a full blown market disruption. Let’s see if they get the product spot on out the gate.



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Starting at $75k I read.
I must be getting old, I cant contemplate spending that sort of money.

But I think its an awesome thing.


From what I've read it's starting at 80k.
If I could buy brand new, i'd get one in a heart beat. I always loved the look of Defenders, but then I sat in one, and suddenly it was off the list. From everything i've read they've taken all the good bits and then fixed the bad bits.

Of course, that could all be marketing guff.