Indi Bridge.


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07-02-2021. This coming Thursday we are heading up to Indi Bridge camping area for a week. Indi Bridge camp site is on the Upper Murray River about 20kms NE of Corryong on the Victorian side of the river, this will be our first time camping there although we where up there for a look a few weeks ago and it look OK. It is a nice grassy site with a long drop toilet and is right on the river, when we where a few weeks ago the river level was just right and as it is above the out flow from Khancobin Pondage it stays fairly good. Your nearest supplies are available at Khancobin or Corryong. There is plenty to see and do in the area.
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We were there 5 years ago but had to leave. The trees were letting go this white fluff. Was like it was snowing. Played havoc with eyes and nose. A family was there, their son was asmatic. Around 10 at night could see flashing lights of an ambulance. They took him off to hospital. Came back the next day, packed up and left. We stayed one more night. Packed up and went to Bright for the rest of the time away. Is a nice enough place to stay.
Used to have a dog visit you called Brandy. A smelly dog that made himself at home. Find him curld up on the camp chair in the morning. Was owned by a farmer across the river. Someone took him away, last heard of in Bendigo I think it was. Farmer wasn't impressed.