Importing a AM CB radio for the us


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Yep...what he said
Depends of freq jumps or steps etc...think of uhf civillian band we are free to use as a length of a cricket pitch...and the bat in question is a certain 5 step back.....the actual length of uhf is actually the length of the whole cricket ground!.....and some cricket bats might be as strong as an aluminium one famously used by an australian one time..lets call that one 10 watts!....and you see another bat made out of carbin fibre...lets call that one 50watts!

The bigger picture allow us as australian to actually see we use quite a small window of the uhf frequency.....if you chose an ham...freq adjustable vhf uhf from os....their may be legal implications and interuprions to freqs very close to which you are you do have a slim chNce of disturbing a couple of things...yes this may not happen with a little common sence ...when and if you use a higher power OS model in the uhf will drown everyone out....however you may not hear a responce as your signal may travel farther ...and theirs may be only may not reach you on the recieving signal......unless you and a mate want to use the same system...then you will here each other....

Regardless of what "band" you it am...vlf hf vhf uhf blah blah blah...we have very small windows of frequencies within the band...make sure the steps in your unit are the same as civilian steps here and stay eithin the frequency band itself....and keep the watts low or responsible....good luck

In a past job i was a radio this is a broad overview....yes i may have skipped a couple of things...the crazy part is its like OCD types...just because this was a job many years ago..there will always be someone else in the room that understands this topic waaaay moooore than you or god sit back..make a coffee and i most likely will too!
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IMHO there are 2 main problems. The fact that it is not approved for use in Australia is one. But more importantly, that radio is AM only.

I am not sure why you want a 27mhz radio, there are good reasons including range. They are great for convoy use you have a gap of up to say 30 kms or more if more than one person with the right radio. Also there are hardly any users.

BUT an AM radio won't have that range, you will need a SSB radio which has an effective 12w output. The radio you are looking at is AM only - nearly useless. Not to mention if you have mates with 27mhz radios they won't hear you, and you won't hear them if they have SSB.

I would not bother buying that radio at all. You should get a good AM SSB 27mhz radio that will probably always stay on USB or LSB, never AM
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I noticed that it doesn't appear to have sideband like the AM sets of the old days. I believe AM is still big in the US but doubt there would be a massive following over here.
The problem is that you might really need to use it and end up with the only person you can talk to being in New Zealand.


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i want AM CB because in case of emergency i can bounce it off the amosphere to get extra range in remote areas. also because there channel 9 which is supposed to be monitored channel and stated earlier i can get it to go further. that was my chain of thought.
the reason i'm considering importing is:
1. noone will sell me a good AM Cb setup (that i can find in stock)
2. the used market i can find nothing remotely new enough or not super overpriced.

i considered a licensed HF radio that has much higher range, but extra costs and licensing scared me off. And no im not planning on going ham or the license required for that.

however if someone can point me to an AM SSB thats actually for sale at a reasonable price, i am interested. i have had nothing but trouble trying to find a stockist of such items here
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That radio won't do what you want. Unfortunately, neither will a 27 mhz SSB CB or a UHF CB - reliably anyway. Forget any form of CB as an emergency radio. They are rarely monitored, and are not reliable enough or have enough range.

You hear about skip to the other side of the world, but that happens rarely, at night and is sheer luck, or needs dedicated study or experience to understand how it works ( which you get training on with a Ham licence). You cant just pick up the handset and talk. The ONLY reason to buy a 27mhz CB is if you travel with mates who also have one, and they all need to be SSB to get better range than a normal UHF CB.

I suggest getting an old sat phone, or a Codan or Barrett HF Radio and join a HF group / club, or a Ham licence and of course a PLB and a blue tick phone on Telstra or Boost.

CB's only have the following uses in practical terms - and most of these only apply to UHF.
  • Tell a truck you are overtaking, or ask if it's clear to overtake.
  • Tell Grandma and Grandpa to hurry up in their caravan
  • A group travelling together in a convoy - and in a long convoy 2 x CB's, preferably one as a 27Mhz SSB is great for the leader and tail end charlie.
  • Communicating with others using the same track ( eg passing each other on a tight track, telling them how many people following you )
  • Listening for truckies talking about cops
  • Improving your swearing and foul language skills.
  • And if you have a very fast scanner on the radio, listening for other chatter to indicate others are close and possibly coming over that next sand dune.
A SSB 27 Mhz CB has better range than a UHF CB but not enough for emergency help. Also so few people use it now there is no one tuned in to hear you, even if your cries for help get that far. A UHF will be better regardless, especially in more frequented areas, say the high country.

Think of it this way. It will improve your chances of being saved in an emergency by about 0.0000000000000001% LOL
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Here is a recording of what your emergency call for help on a CB will sound like. LOL

You'll go crazy before you get help :D


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UHF and CB radios are becoming more of a hobby.
As with most hobbies it's something that a enthusiast gives there spare time. So there no guarantee that someone will be on the other end when your in dire poo.
If your serious about safety go a PLB or and Sat phone. UHF an CB's in today climate are for hobbies.


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I got rid of my super lion am/ssb years ago, I always had it on in the truck.
The only time I heard someone talking was a guy in Miami, I talked on him for a few minutes, then lost the signal.
They are not worth the bother.