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Hi !

Though I'll answer to most things my nickname is Simmo ( who would have guessed ). I'm in my 58th year and some, heading bush, getting away from the maddenig crowd before i choke the living beejesus out of someone is my way of regaining sanity.try to get away at least once every six weeks , depends upon how many brownie points I have racked up at home . Sometimes the house fuehrer will say that I am getting a little ratty again and tells me to go bush- bloody beauty !

My rig is generally already to go, just throw in a few clothes, load up the fridges ( one for liquid refreshments and the other for food ) and get the hell out of the big smoke.

Have covered most of the main ones in Victoria, Blue rag, Talbotville, Wonnangatta Valley from both ends, all around the Mt.Buller region ie King Hut, Pineapple flat, Refuge hut no.3,Mt Terrible, Big River area Enoch's point.

Did the Simpson Desert in August 2007 went broken hill via Mungo national Park , Broken Hill, Tibooburra, Inaminkah across the Sturt Stony desrt to Birdsville, along the QAA line, French line to Mt. Dare then down the Oodnadatta track to the Finders Ranges and then finished up in the Clare Valley( so many wineries, so little time ).

Will be doing the Madigan line of the Simpson this coming July, there is no defined track like the French line, it is all GPS and compass bearings( on average, only 11 people go through this route a year )

On the rolling Camps ( trips with the boys ) we generally swag it but on the soft camps 9 generally when the minister for finance comes I tow a Kimberley camper for her creature comforts.

I enjoy taking new chums out in the bush and showing them what their vehicle is capable of doing safely and seeing their enjoyment of country that they have never would have seen otherwise. Have little tolerance for morons who like to bugger the bush !

On my 3rd 4X4 unit, presently drive a 2006 intercooled turbo diesel GU Patrol Ute, have had a 60 series Toyota and then a GQ wagon, as a kid I was brought up on series 1 and series 11 landrovers. In the years between, I was an avid bush walker, but now that the old knee reminds me that mother nature isn't all that kind ,. the days of humping a 32 kilo pack are no more, a fourbie allows me to enjoy my beloved bush, though it doesn't get me into the extreme points of the map that I once walked , with a day pack it gets me close enough .

Safe Driving All

Muddy Waters

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Hi Ian,

Welcome to the forum. How long did the Simpson Desert take you? It has been on my list of things to do for a while, but work gets in the way :( Would that be the best trip you've done?




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Gee, there's a lot of people sprung up in Frankston area?

Welcome. Sounds strange welcoming someone when I am only new myself.



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Hi Muddy,

In the Simpson we spent two nights and three days , that was Birdsville to Mt.Dare, average 22 KM'S an hour,Diesel Consumption was 95 litres, in the August it was mild even cool, didn't have A/C on.

The Simpson is reasonably easy going , good clearence is the key.

Know the time problem, but you get to a stage where you have to make time and say they can all go and get far away .

This July coming up we are doing the Madigan Line across the Simpson, it is north of the french line, no defined track , all GPS and compass bearings, on average only about 11 people do it in one year, we have been told to expect to average ten KM'S a Day and it will at least take seven days, you can only travel west to east as the dunes are impossible to trverse coming the other way.

As far as the best trip, it is an adventure that is a challenge, tyhe skies are a picture book blue contrasting against the red sand, not a wisp of a cloud and the stars at night , you have to see it to believe it . It's harshness is its beauty.

vehicle prearation is the key, nothing excessive, just have everything A1, simple reason is that people die out here. You never travel alone, our group of ten years nicknamed 'Loose Nuts 4WD" , consisted of seven vehicles .

Everything must be lashed down

Kindest regards Bushnut


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All good advice from Bush nut re the Simpson. I would say there are several key things though.

1. Tyre pressure. Start at 300 to 350mm long footprint- probably 18 psi to start with and 15 psi if going is tough (Big Red)
2. Don't take a trailer
3. Take it easy
3. Keep your load light
4. Take sufficient water. Absolute minimum 5 litres per person per day.
5. Be prepared to take longer if it rains (up to 4 days longer)
6. Take the recommended fuel load (SA Parks). 150 L for 6 cylinder diesel. Yes you won't use it. But if Eyre creek comes up or the Spring Creek to Mt Dare area is really wet you may well have to backtrack all the way out.
7. Tie your load down. Most people think the Simpson is a rolling sea of dunes, but it is a very rough series of moguls between and on top, with the odd big dune every so often.
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