I shouldn't be alive...


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Unless you've been on the other side of a media story then there's always more to it (or less to it in many cases)
Yeah, have to agree there. I've been on the ground for a few stories that have made national attention, one of them allegedly 'terrorism related' and the reported story, often fed by nothing but assumption & opinion, bears little of no resemblance to the actual event. Deadlines are so tight that they don't worry about assembling the facts, just push the story out and pad it to sound believable.


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i didn't know the Garmin had a life reader also and it shows you are nearly dead (top right) you have full bar but your life is very low...lol. amazing technology....ps are you crossing dunes or going with them and solo ? be a fantastic walk
Lol. That's sort of how I felt when finished, a bit on the low side, but I sorted that with some rehydration ;)


I will be solo. No dunes, just relatively flat ground with miles of spinifex and mulga. I went there last year and I'm drawn to return.....but I know the pain i'm in for when I get back to base camp:


If my 3 gps's (or their batteries) fail whilst I'm out there, I wont be alive.....for much longer. Such is the country.
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You would think so.... me too.... except I've seen the crafty bastards in action at Merlin Diamond Mine near Borroloola. Bloody things used to open the crib hut doors and pinch food off the tables....mmm ok . But then the f*ckers learned how to open the fridges and steal ya lunch and smoko as well..... In the real outback / woop woop away from humans the mangy pricks do it hard, all ribs and bones, starving half the time. They associate humans with food, and small humans AS food. Hunger is a powerful tool......

Did they heat it up in the microwave before eating?