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I am new but I need some help with picking my 1st 4wd

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by ThePuppySo1dier, Jul 31, 2018.

  1. ThePuppySo1dier

    ThePuppySo1dier New Member

    Edited: Hello, name ThePuppySo1der or Solder for short. I need help picking out a good enough 4wd. I have been looking at a couple of 4wd like a Toyota Landcruiser 60, 75 and 80 series, Toyota 4runner 1995-1998 and Nissan patrol GQ 1989 ute or Wagon. My budget 5-15k should be a good enough cost (hopefully) and the mods that would like it to have is a 2ish lift and a bullbar (I don't know if I should put what type of mods I wanted). I want it to be capable to do some bush bashing, weekend trips but also some difficult but fun and be able to tow a trailer if need to. The reasons why I am picking these old beasts is for the Eng is easy to work on and even the old girls can still become badass once again. Is it possible if you can help me pick a good enough 4wd? (Sorry my spelling is bad).
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    LCV8VICTORIA Active Member

    There all good to learn in
  3. LooneyLou

    LooneyLou New Member

  4. discomatt

    discomatt Well-Known Member

    I would steer well clear of a 4runner, just because they have a Toyota badge doesn't mean its good!!!
    60 ok 80 much better and arguably one of the best 4wds ever made, Patrol pick of them all if you want to do hard core 4wding
    My opinion, Discovery 1 300tdi, cheaper to buy, run and maintain, just as capable as both and more comfortable than the Patrol and on par with the 80.
    Down sides are oil leaks and running gear is weak compared to the Nissan but again on par with the Toyota and parts need to be purchased from the right supplier to make them cheaper and gutless so towing anything much more than a 6x4 trailer is hard work
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  5. Cokedaddy216

    Cokedaddy216 Active Member

    60 series land cruisers were a great looking & capable 4wd when they came out , but crikey they love there fuel :confused:
    Old nissan GQ station wagons were the same , if you got plenty of coin for fuel go for one them :cool:
  6. Colly18

    Colly18 Active Member

    Hi Soldier, if you can give an idea of your budget and what your aspirations for 4WD'ing/the vehicle are (other than learning 4WD'ing what do you want to use the vehicle for?, e.g. just holidays around Oz?, regular weekend trips on difficult 4WD trails/serious bush-bashing, finding remote beach fishing spots?, towing a camper-trailer or caravan, etc.), you will probably get some good feedback from that. Personally I wouldn't discount a more modern 4WD dual cab ute or wagon (with low km) as the old workhorses (with many km on the clock), as good as they are for 4WD'ing, are more likely (perhaps?) to come with repair expenses and as others have pointed out are heavy on fuel.
  7. ThePuppySo1dier

    ThePuppySo1dier New Member

    Thank you all for the feedback and my budget 10k should be a good enough cost (hopefully). The thing I would like do is bush bashing, weekend trips but also somewhat difficult but fun and also be able to tow a trailer if need to. I have been thinking of using an old beast because the Eng is easy to work and learn off.
  8. 2002GU3

    2002GU3 Well-Known Member

    welcome to earth mate, if your going Toyota, 60 series are good old beasts, or Nissan, probably gq would be the easiest for working on. A petrol 4x4 will be a lot cheaper and easier to work on, but they are pretty thirsty - diesel are more expensive but are usually more reliable and cheaper to run, but can be costly to repair....Also the older ones are pretty rough on the comfort side of things and not as smooth on the road. Good luck with whatever you choose.
  9. ThePuppySo1dier

    ThePuppySo1dier New Member

    Thanks mate
  10. Colly18

    Colly18 Active Member

    To give you an idea of options, a mate only got $10K when he traded his immaculate 2007 Rodeo dual cab diesel 4WD (manual, with canopy, nudge bar, spotties, and only 135,000km on the clock), then the dealer put $14K on it and sold it straight away. Anyway you get the idea, $10K will probably pick you up a decent lower km common rail diesel 4WD. The huge benefit is the great fuel economy (probably double the economy/use half the fuel an old Landcruiser or Patrol would use :)).
    I owned an FJ60 Landcruiser wagon for 15 years and it was a great vehicle (reliable, capable 4WD and easy to work on) so I understand the appeal such older vehicles have to you. I had it on lpg as well, so running costs weren't too bad. I also ran a petrol Landrover Discovery V8 (also on lpg/dual fuel) and I considered it a very, very capable 4WD vehicle (with a 2 inch suspension lift).
    But if I let my brain take over from my heart, my experience tells me a modern diesel 4WD is generally a better option (more reliable, fuel efficient and comfortable + a dual cab ute has the ability to carry a lot of load, where as you may be restricted with wagons).
    Don't be deterred by the complexity of post 2000 diesel vehicles. I still do all my maintenance and repairs and rarely do my vehicles see an auto technician. You can learn/teach yourself about maintaining a modern vehicle. YouTube is a great resource! (As are forums such as this!)
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  11. ThePuppySo1dier

    ThePuppySo1dier New Member

    Unfortionally, I don't have the money for a modern 4wd and I do know the dual cab ute is able to carry more but they are costly and I won't have that type of money. The comfortable I don't care about because if it does get uncomfortable I would just change the seats but thank you for your feedback and sorry the reply.
  12. Colly18

    Colly18 Active Member

  13. ThePuppySo1dier

    ThePuppySo1dier New Member

    I did think of those 4wd but I heard a lot problem in Pajero and my father will not allow me to buy a holden but thank you for the massage
  14. Colly18

    Colly18 Active Member

  15. red hilux

    red hilux Well-Known Member

    4runner/surfs are awesome off road. I put heaps of the big boys to shame in my old surf
  16. smitty_r51

    smitty_r51 Well-Known Member

    If you look online any car will have problems... Models change, check if the version and year you are looking at has issues specifically rather than taking the general consensus.

    And if your father is willing to ignore a vehicle because of the badge on the front I might be looking for a second opinion... The rodeo is going to be an izuzu for just about everything but the badge
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  17. phs

    phs Well-Known Member

    Well said,

    Also worth noting a 60 series is good if you like winching, leaf springs front and back coupled with open front and rear = plenty of getting stuck
  18. discomatt

    discomatt Well-Known Member

    I wasnt so much referring to there capability but there other inherent problems. I know a couple of people that have owned them and had a love hate relationship....
    One of them nearly cost a mate his marriage it cost so much and gave hime so much grief.
  19. ThePuppySo1dier

    ThePuppySo1dier New Member

    Thank you for the comment :) I still haven't made my pick on what 4wd I should buy. My heart is at 4runner, Nissan patrol GQ, Toyota Landcruiser 60 and now 75 and 80 series. My budget is now 5-15k. The mobs that I would like it to have is a 2ish lift with a bullbar. I still want to do the same thing.
  20. dno67

    dno67 Well-Known Member

    Dose your employment or the type of work you do have any influence on what
    type of vehicle may suit best, the other thing to consider is what type of 4wding are you going to be doing. Will you be towing a bike trailer or camper ? Do you plan to tour or just quick weekends up the bush or similar. Thinking about these considerations may help get the right vehicle. Eg: A ute would possibly be better for a bike and quick getaway but less attractive than sleeping in the back of a wagon if heading for snow.
    Bang for buck. It's pretty hard to go past a GQ for there strength and ability, but
    the 80 series is a bit more refined and comfortable just lacks the good rear LSD.
    GQ coil cab utes suffer from a limited load carrying capacity compared to the leaf
    sprung rear end GQ or 75 series but flex better. Are you going to be carry a heavy
    load ? Just a few things you should consider, might also help make a suggestion.
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