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Hzj79 or Gu ute

Discussion in 'General 4x4 Discussion' started by EvilMonkey, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. EvilMonkey

    EvilMonkey New Member

    Hi guys
    I'm looking to buy a ute early next year
    Chasing a solid axle 6cyl Diesel, around the 20-25k mark, which leads me to either a late 90s early 00s Gu patrol or hzj79 cruiser
    I was leaning towards a Gu, but most of the ones for sale up here in fnq have over 300ks, whereas the hzjs can be picked up in my price range with under 200...
    I'm wondering if people could give me the pros and cons of each platform, their personal experience with each, etc?

    My plans for it are to carry my bike, bit of moderate off roading, property hack etc

    Planned mods are 33s, winch and bullbar, dual deep cycles, fridge etc

    Which of those two would you choose and why?
  2. mac_man_luke

    mac_man_luke Well-Known Member

    what motor is in the patrols? coil or leaf?
  3. EvilMonkey

    EvilMonkey New Member

    Td42t, not game enough to touch the 3.0 lol
    Some are coil rear, some leaf
  4. mac_man_luke

    mac_man_luke Well-Known Member

    A TD42 is going to make a fair bit more power than a 1Hz but maybe not quite as reliable but still a super solid motor.
    Coil will be a heap more comfortable and a bit more capable.

    200 or 300km km likely wont make much difference as it will be more down the how well its been maintained and what its been used for.

    Id say the GU would be more fun to drive but the cruiser could potentially be a bit more reliable and basically go for ever if the motor is kept N/A.
  5. discomatt

    discomatt Well-Known Member

    My brother has a Troopy of that age, tough and reliable, noisy , rough to ride in, even worse to drive, its a tractor, not great on fuel but neither is the Patrol, in short if you want a reliable tractor that's horrible to be in but will without question get you there and back go the Tojo.
    The Patrol will be better to be in and better off road as long as it has coils in the rear but not as reliable, the 4.2 is not called a kettle for no reason
  6. EvilMonkey

    EvilMonkey New Member

    Cheers for the input
    So far that's what I've pretty much come up with, the Gu will be more fun to drive, the cruiser with the 1hz a bit more reliable

    What about the gearbox and diffs in the hzjs?
    I hear conflicting stories, either they're perfectly fine or made out of cheese
    I figure most breakages are from either serious offroading on 35s or towing...
    But any input on that would be great
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  7. discomatt

    discomatt Well-Known Member

    Not made of cheese, porcelain would be closer to the mark, gear box is OK but never tow anything in 5th. FRont CV's are pretty average
    Drive them accordingly and they are fine as long as you don't want 35's, people also say LR diffs and CV's are weak, never have I broken either of them and I have done most of the icon hard tracks in Vic. I run 32's and drive it accordingly. Since putting the 4.6 in the D1 I have upgraded the axels and diff centers though. Its more to do with the nut behind the wheel than the car
  8. mac_man_luke

    mac_man_luke Well-Known Member

    I would think you would have troubles breaking much in the 1Hz, more tends to be the turbos breaking diffs etc
  9. 80lover96gxl

    80lover96gxl Moderator

    The 1hzzzzzzz will go forever and you can play with the rear leaf packs to make them more supple and flex well but wont match the coil patrol for articulation in the rear.

    From memory the leaf sprung trols come with the largest rear diff that nissan offers, bigger than its coil counterparts, and stronger but pumpkin size can be limiting for clearance.

    Both with be great trucks regardless but all in all, id be saving for a hdj 79 over the hzj, factory turbo motor with stronger gearbox, plus hold their value exceptionally well.

    Let us all know which way you go in the end and share a pic of the beast once you get it.
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  10. EvilMonkey

    EvilMonkey New Member

    Thanks for the replies guys
    I had a look at the hdj79, bit out of my price range unfortunately, I'll be paying around 35k for a tidy example.

    I have to admit I'm leaning towards the Gu, it just seems the more overall solid package for my price point

    Just have to see if I can find one that hasn't been thrashed
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  11. dno67

    dno67 Well-Known Member

    Coil cab patrols have a lighter load capacity too, 750kg from memory where as the leaf
    Sprung ute is 1000kg.
    For what it's worth, l'd look for a patrol.
    You just have to find a well maintained one.
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  12. EvilMonkey

    EvilMonkey New Member

    Yeah that's the problem
    I'll keep my eyes open, one should pop up

    Could you guys give me a run down on what to look for with these rigs?
    Ive only had petrol cars before, the world of diesel is a bit of an unknown to me

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