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HZJ105R LandCruiser

Discussion in 'My 4WD' started by BTFIVO, Mar 21, 2017.


    BTFIVO Well-Known Member

    PicsArt_03-22-04.45.31.jpg PicsArt_03-22-04.46.06.jpg PicsArt_03-22-04.41.13.jpg PicsArt_03-22-04.45.03.jpg PicsArt_03-22-04.40.47.jpg
    Oh what a feeling!
    Easier to repair
    Parts availability
    Had some gear on it


    It's not a VDJ-70 series :p
    No turbocharger
    Fuel economy suffers for a N/A engine 13L/100klms
    No power

    None as yet but it came with;
    GXL Alloys
    33" MTZ's
    3" Dobinson lift
    Spot lights (halogen)
    20" small LED Lightbar
    Roof rack/platform
    Awning with lighting and annex
    Aftermarket stereo/bluetooth calling
    UHF radio
    Reverse camera
    Dual batteries

    Rear draws
    Sound deadening
    Pioneer Double-din head unit with amp and upgraded drivers
    Rhino pioneer tradey platform
    Fix aspiration - too restricted at present
    Seat upgrade
    Centre and overhead consols
    Gturbo & 3" exhaust - if I hang onto it

    I wanted one for a while and after 2 years of sacrifice and patience due to mortgage etc, I found one. After owning the BT-50 and the 76 series, I felt a 100 series was as comfy as I was going to get for the price without extensive suspension engineering mods that a 70 series leaf-sprung vehicle will need. My days of big spends are over now I have a home loan. I shouldn't doubt it totally, but I do need to be realistic.

    2 - 3 times a week.


    Really not sure. I want to own a Cruiser till I can no longer tolerate riding in one, then might get a Disco 4 or something with true comfort. But until then I want to keep trying to enjoy the real 4x4's.
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    BTFIVO Well-Known Member

    Will get some better pics soon.
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  3. Aaron Schubert

    Aaron Schubert Moderator

    Nice 4WD mate. They are solid, all round

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  4. callmejoe

    callmejoe Well-Known Member

    Totally agree great all rounda.
    Now just swap out the 1hz yo 1hd fte.
    And becomes the "best" all rounda.
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  5. underdog

    underdog Well-Known Member

    Good to see you back on the bandwagon mate! Bet you've been itching for so long, haha.
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    BTFIVO Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I am loving it!

    BTFIVO Well-Known Member

    That would be a dream for sure!

    BTFIVO Well-Known Member

    Haha... You guessed it mate. It drove me mad not having a decent 4x4 with all the capability I am used to. One thing, I just love having all my gear with me as it gives me peace of mind I have half a chance of getting myself outta the cr@p. Even roadside breakdowns etc. On top of that I got so depressed not having my Cruiser or enjoying touring the scrub or going to 4x4 meetings.
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    BTFIVO Well-Known Member

    Getting ready for rego, needed new boots, so decided to try the new KO2. Hope to see at least 60,000klms rather than the usual 40,000klms I get from every other tyre. Great grip on the loose small stuff and road manners. They load up in the mud pretty fast though. Been hearing lots of stories about cracked sidewalls etc, but I guess proof will be in the pudding.

    Needed a new exhaust so got a 2.5" mild job. Gave some more low end torque which is good as the old 1HZ is no rally spec.

    Also ran some LiquiMoly Diesel Purge through the fuel pump to help clean her out. Made a bit of difference as I had a couple lazy squirters and was looking at a new set of injectors. So we'll see how many more klms I get out of this set.

    PicsArt_04-06-12.27.40.jpg PicsArt_04-06-12.28.38.jpg PicsArt_04-06-12.29.10.jpg PicsArt_04-06-12.30.45.jpg PicsArt_04-06-12.29.43.jpg
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  10. Blue_haired_man

    Blue_haired_man Well-Known Member

    What brand exhaust did you go? I'm about due for one in mine and thinking mild steel as well.
    Cheers Leo
  11. 80lover96gxl

    80lover96gxl Moderator

    Congrats on the purchase. They really are a great all rounder and the 1hz if in good order should see 750k without issue. However the front diffs are not the strongest. Avoid giving it heaps in reverse as this can.lead to premature failure of crown n pinion . To strengthen the diff a solid pinion spacer should be fitted to avoid movement in the gears which leads to failure.

    I miss my 105 but am happy with the 100 dispite the ifs set up, the difference engine wise is chalk n cheese between the 1hz and the 1hdfte, if you do ever consider a conversion go the 1hdtft, less electrics than the fte and very similar power wise.

    One thing i would suggest is get that rear spare out from underneath, they get hung up on almost everything and is very easy to rip a sidewall out on rocks or similar

    Hope you enjoy your new beast, one of the best trucks out there i reckon.
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  12. BTFIVO

    BTFIVO Well-Known Member

    I got it supplied by TuffMuff in Cairns. The Brand is Ausmade and manufactured by Berklee Exhausts Wendouree, Victoria. It is a straight through system with one free flow muffler. Breathes well and fairly quiet (I prefer a bit louder but will wait till I change aspiration setup).
  13. BTFIVO

    BTFIVO Well-Known Member

    Thanks mate. Appreciate the advice. Will look into the front diff for sure. Are they are the same front diff as in the VDJ70 series? One thing I have noticed about the 1HZ is the low end torque from the 22.5:1 compression ratio. But the rest is asthmatic and reminds me of my old 161 Holden Red motor! :confused:

    I noticed the rear spare location. Crazy, could have had a much better departure angle and a bit longer wheel base! A nice rear bar would not go astray, but again, extra weight and will probably wait till I get a turbo or engine upgrade.

    I do like it, pretty good alrounder, kinda like my 76 series with a better ride in the rear but less character and a bit more room than an 80 series. I just love the 70 and 40 series. Just a shame about the injuries and our ADRs. But I do like it for sure. IFS is nice in its own right, more precise but I love live axles! I would like to see a CAD drawing of a 105 with a VDJ70 front end.
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  14. Blue_haired_man

    Blue_haired_man Well-Known Member

    Cheers mate.
    And the front diff I'm pretty sue is the solid axel hilux diff. A lot of people setting up 105s for tougher tracks throw 80 series front diff and axles in. Can't remember measurements but a few inches larger.
    Cheers Leo.
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  15. 80lover96gxl

    80lover96gxl Moderator

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  16. BTFIVO

    BTFIVO Well-Known Member

    Won't be too long till Superior come out with a kit. The rear 4Link kits for the 70 series are down to around $6,000 now. All these conversions typically attracting the $10,000 price tag are a bit of a money grab. Same as the 1HDT motors. People asking $11,000 and a lot with no known kilometres. I bet a brand new 1HDT crate engine imported is near that. I wouldn't pay more than $5,000 for one second hand with low klms. Seeing reconditioned units around for $7,000.
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  17. 80lover96gxl

    80lover96gxl Moderator

    Yeah 10k is pricey and its a massive modification to do to the front end of a truck, they would wont to be well proven for me to even consider it.
    The hdt engines have commanded around 10k for as long as i can remember, namely the ft and fte variants. Apparently most the import engines arrive in the country with under 100k on them but how can this be proven. I know the ft's are like rocking horse shit to find over here and alot of guys want that engine go the import option for that reason. Have seen quite a few hdt's for around the 6 -7 k mark but going down the conversion route the ft multivalve would have to be the pick of the 3 requiring less electronics.

    It cost me 9k to have my 1hz rebuilt in my 105 when it self destructed 5 yrs ago and the ft and fte's were in excess of 13 - 14k just for the engine itself, if i was smarter:rolleyes: i should have saved more coin and gone down that route but as they say, hindsight is a wonderful thing. That engine failure still erks me and dispite many 1hz's happily chugging away with a turbo fitted without issue i still think they should not be turbo'd, this is just my opinion from past experience and im sure many will disagree.

    I have a mate here in SA with an 06 105 gxl thats had the full fte and auto conversion done and he's now selling it, wants 40k for it:eek: , a bit steep perhaps ? the whole truck owes him over 55k so can see him want to get some of it back but you can get 200's now for similar coin, but thats a whole different topic for another time, ha:p.
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  18. BTFIVO

    BTFIVO Well-Known Member

    Yeah, agreed. Gturbo claim they can get a guaranteed reliable turbo package (running a custom GTX2863) with 15psi. A bloke I know of got a 1HZ blueprinted, with ceramic coated pistons, turbo and runs like a monster. About $11,000, but is in its own league as has ported head, custom intake, 12mm compensated pump etc. The ceramic coating is a gamechanger.
    I agree, stock, you would have to be extremely careful, engineered however likely has its field. Gturbo say the trickery is in turbo efficiency, flowing heat away as early as possible. One bloke up here had a leaking injector that melted a piston on his N/A 1HZ. That alone is scary. Haha.

    And yep, great combo on the 105, maybe the right buyer will come along but as you say, 200's are flooding in. Plus the vehicle didn't change much from the 1998-2006 models. Is why I bought a 1998 with 280,000klms because they are all the same. Purchase of $15,000 + engine conversion, say $15,000, equals about $30,000. A Toyota salesman once said to me...

    "If someone is stupid enough to pay for a new 70 series that's their problem". :eek::confused:

    After my personal experiences, same goes for anything else in my opinion.
  19. BTFIVO

    BTFIVO Well-Known Member

    Just found a newer job they've completed. 17psi. Another bloke is running 19psi.

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  20. 80lover96gxl

    80lover96gxl Moderator

    Nice, mine was running 13 psi, 118 KW and 365 nm with perfect afr's.
    The weak link is still the head as it cant handle the heat, i had the bottom end built for the turbo with ceramic pistons that were 50thow oversize, bigger rods , safe tune etc and after 13mths and 26k klms it started showing signs of head issues again. I also had a sus injector dispite all new ones fitted which gave a bad spray on cyl 1 causing the ringland to overheat and crack off completely, didn't realize how difficult it was to find 1 50thow oversize piston for a 1hz but eventually got one.

    This was no1 piston on the first failure
    This was the beast
    FB_IMG_1440498853579.jpg Not 100% certian but have heard the 1hz in the 105's wasnt as strong as the ones in the 80 and 70 series trucks. Apparently they used lighter components due to the weight of the 105 overall, dont quote me on that as its only what iv been told.
    Similar with the 1hdtfte in the 100's and 78 -79 's, the 100 series varient has lighter components to compensate for weight, not that you would think it would make that bigger difference overall, but i could be wrong.
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