Hyundai Terracan Highlander 2002


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Hyundai Terracan Highlander, 2002

Good Points
value for money, purchase price, space

Bad Points
Torque on demand system (TOD) for centre diff not always suitable for conditons, no power seat adjustment, lack of aftermarket accessories, lap only seat belt in centre seat middle row

What mods have you done?
2.5" lift, 1200w inverter, portable compessor

What mods are on the list to do?
Factory TOD mod which allows the centre diff to be locked as the driver sees fit. Some better tyres

Why did you buy this vehicle?
price and value for money, 7 seats, climate control A/C

How often do you go offroad?
Not often enough

What will your next vehicle be?
Something diesel powered


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No, the Terry's petrol.

I think the line between soft roada's and what are considered "proper" 4WD is becoming blurred. The Terry has seperate chassis construction, low range transfer, and only IFS. Also the Terry is rated to carry 820kg to reach GVM, something most 4WD's can't match.



Hey Darren,

I've got a soft roader, a Jeep Patriot and the lack of low range is the biggest problem with, closely followed by lack of clearance. The Terracan looks pretty capable.

How much was the 1200W inverter?




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The Terry can easily keep up with my brother-in-laws lifted, Mickey T MTR tyred Disco. My biggest problem is the standard road tyres, lack of a snorkel, and the fact that its my wife's work/daily driver.

On e-bay I paid about $170 for the inverter. The company that sells them reckons the worth $500+. Bought it early last year, and at the time, they were auctioning about two (1200w units, they sell ones rated from 150w to 2400w) a day.

Hope this is helpful



Not a vehicle to be underestimated. A mate of mine does beach work and tows a caravan with his and swears it tows better than his old 80 series!


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Yes, many people will bag the Terry because its a Hyundai, but like all 4WD's, a bit of lift and some decent tyres and it will go anywhere.

On the Terracan forum sites I've seen a few people discussing their trips to the Cape and across the Simmo towing camper trailers, and they have survived, so they can't be too bad?



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I used to bag the terracans...............till my old man bought one. Very well built car, good strong diesel engine and tows his caravan like a dream. Off road he has not really used it that much, but I have seen others on other forums and they seam to be able to hold their own quite well :cool:


well that makes 2 of us with modde terrys
mines the 3.5L V6 petty as well
but mine ain't the highlander it's the part time 2005 SLX update