Hyundai are entering the game


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Watched one of John Cadogan's videos the other week wrapping up sales figures from 2019. Interesting point he made regarding the combined sales of both the Korean's is knocking on the door of Toyotas figures - and currently neither of them have any utes which are clearly the largest category for sales in Australia.


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They have a new 6 pot diesel just released that is rumoured to go in it, I think these guys will rattle the cages of the main players.
@mikehzz, could be a potential chariot for you.
Mate, I've got the Pajero now. I put a lift, sliders and snorkel on it and I'm really happy with it, more than I thought I would be. I like the sort of stuff @sharkcaver does these days and it fits like a glove for that. I've got the exact same model that he has.

The Koreans make a good basic car, I've had a Kia at work for 4 years now and it's been faultless if bland and uninteresting....sort of like a Toyota, but cheap :) I wonder about their understanding of 4wd requirements though.


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Someone on another forum mentioned how ugly it looks. Doesn't look any worse than my Ranger... Or any other current ute (I nearly throw up a little when I see the new Triton front end).

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I'm going to order one, let's see those wankers in the car parks leave marks on my doors now!

News just in from the KIA dealer! "You aren't allowed to have an actual cannon mounted in the roof turret!" Crap! Kinda defeats the purpose.