Howitt High Plains


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I haven't been up this way for ages so when a mate rang Friday arvo to see if I was in for a quick overnight trip I was in . We headed to Moe then inland to get on the tracks , Pheasant , Williamson Spur onto Springs rd , Black Range rd , Burgoynes , then into Licola . It was starting to get late so we decided to stay at Kellys Lane , a quick wood run for the night and we were set up at camp with a coldie by 5pm . I don't know what the overnight temp was but next morning we had ice covering everything , headed up the Howitt rd to King Billy and drove back looking up every little track (found some great campsites) and checked out the hut .

This pic was taken from the top of Butcher Country track which is unrecognisable from the last time I was there , there's only 1 single crushed rock track heading in there now rather than the 4 or 5 bog holes for tracks last visit .

Up on the Howitt rd looking out over Bryces Plain .


Some of the smaller less travelled tracks we checked out .



Some of the views , pretty sure the last pic is looking out over Wonnangatta.

Was well worth the quick trip up , great night around the fire and nice easy cruise through the high plains for the day ...:cool:
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I am jealous of Victorians in this regard. Very close to many brilliant "quick overnighters".

I never take it for granted , we are lucky , even though its a 4-5 hr drive each way its worth every minute of the drive to be in some off the most beautiful country in the world . All the bs associated with work and day to day life take a back seat when your up there .