How to fix a rooftop tent cover ?


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OzWIll, how's it going?
Hm, if buying a new one is not an option...
You could always get an upholsterer to make a new one, it might be slightly cheaper than buying a replacement, though I'm not sure.
Personally I'd try to repair it first. Also, no need to buy a kit or a machine, as you can lend it.

Still, imo at least!, investing in a kit + sewing machine (smth like Juki) setup will work just fine. Sewing is not a lady-only hobby nowadays, and I had to learn how to sew when I started to camp a lot. You can't imagine how useful it is especially when you're on tight budget and your only tent is almost torn apart by rocks and winds (been there). This skill is a time/money/nerve saver and a good investment!

But not to sound way too-nerdish (after the last paragraph), I can offer you another option - try Seam Grip (used it two times on my old tent cover) or any analogues. Once dry it looks like tree sap. It worked great - just make sure you apply this stuff on both sides. It ain't rocket science, no need to have it sewed. But once again, I had to repeat the procedure before I finally got rid of fixed this old cover using a machine.

Good luck.
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