How tight should your chains be

I have just purchased two sets of ex army chains for my 1996 Mistral (Terrano II) and I'm not sure how tight the chains when fitted should be, I have put them on and pulled the ends together until the over center cam hook engages and locks with ease, I am able to flip the locking clip shut. I am able to pull and push the chain links and rattle them against the tyre, but I am not able to slip the chain or rotate them around the tyre. How do I find out if the tyre might spin inside the chains once I get in the slippery stuff? The chain links are considerably larger than the snow chains I have seen and form a line across the tyre rather than a diamond pattern as the snow chains I've seen.
Sounds like you have ladder style chains and depending where you go they won't let you fit them. See this thread for more info
Yes they are ladder style, my intended use is for an up hill trek only five hundred meters up hill to a building site which does not have a driveway or a track, which I hope will be made by these chains, the terrain is soft ground, ginger plant and secondary growth manuka. Thanks guys for your assistance with my question. My chains are the same as those which are seen in this video
. Hopefully the next purchase is a chainsaw.