How easy it can turn Pear Shaped!!!!!


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Following on from the "So easy to rollover" thread, I thought I would share my experience I had a month ago. We were out on a medium run 6 vehicles in total. Weather was fine to overcast (had rained the previous couple of days). Conditions were good for 4WDing.
Long story short... had picked the wrong line and got crossed up on the ruts with left front up the embankment. Had came to a stop, then decided to ease back down to the bottom. Had only travelled what seemed half a metre when she slid sideways into the rut then proceeded to rollover onto it's side. It was like slow motion. My 4 1/2 year old boy and I were not injured though a bit shaken up. I have learnt valuable lessons from this event and has reminded me how easy things can go terribly wrong. I do however put some blame on the heavy steel roof rack. The extra weight up top had to have some influence on it tipping over and maybe if it wasn't on at the time, she may have stayed upright.
Anyway, here's the pics. Hope it reminds those going away for the long weekend to stay safe and don't forget.... It could happen to you.




Thanks to Rob, Jack, Pete and others for their help in the recovery.

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Oh shit ..... there is nothin worse than that feeling that you about to roll ------ that is until it actually goes. Sorry to hear mate. Hope the damage bill isn't too much.

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Holy cow. It's just that easy isnt it? Glad you were ok and hope she's back on the road without too miuch hassle. Heh heh... that'll put the rear oil seals in the diff to the test!!


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And he drove it home LOL pity not all doors opened, but the main thing was NO INJURIES,
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Good to hear that everyone was unhurt, is a really bad sensation when it starts to roll, hope the damage wasnt too bad, and it hasnt put you off any.


thats a reaaaaaallllly nasty feeling aint it.... but very little damage by the looks of it...

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Guess what ever you call little !!!! any damage costs $$$$$$ its a 4X4

Just from that pic it looks like that roofrack might have saved the damage being a lot worse! Rested on the rack and distributed some weight instead of taking in the roof and windscreen pillar?! Go the Patrol!


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She's getting fixed now. Will be finished in 3 weeks (can't go away for Long Weekend :(.).
Insurance covered the repairs (out of pocket $550 excess). How about some guesses on the repair bill.
Main Damage included:
Roof, L&R Turrets and Cant Rail, Centre Pillar, Front Guard, 2 doors, repaint the whole right hand side and roof etc. etc. the list goes on & on.
It's an insurance quote remember. :rolleyes:


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that would not have been fun, luckly no one injured, only pride.
My guess on repairs would be around $8000.00 mark.


Glad it was covered by insurance and no one was hurt. Thanks for sharing the story and photos, and it really can happy very fast. No ideas how much it would be, but it doesn't sound cheap.



Good that you are both ok. Hope it doesn't turn your young fella off going bush!! It has probably "nearly" happened to a lot of us. Hope the trol gets fixed well.