How easy is it to get parts for 2010/11 Colorado's


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Hi all,

Been looking for a new 4x4 but in the current market its a pain to find something decent. I've predominantly been looking at hiluxs' and Dmaxs' but the they are either stupidly priced or impossible to find.

I've come across a 2010 and 2011 Colorado both diesel manuals with around 200'000 km on them for 20k .

Both have the 4jj1 engine in them and I've heard that they are basically a dmax with the holden badge on them. But after having dealt with a car that was a pain to work on and get parts for I was wondering how easy is it to get parts and how easy are they to work on.

And I was wondering how reliable they are compared to similar age Toyotas and Isuzus.

I'm in WA if that makes a difference.



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rc Colorado is a dmax, built by Isuzu. The engine management interface plugs are holden to suit their computers and that’s about it. Proven over time to be about the most reliable thing built in that era. Manuals got extra power from factory, and there were 2 wheelbases - factory cab chassis got a longer wheelbase than the stylesides, so if you are carrying a built canopy, a cab chassis is a big bonus. Parts available from both holden and Isuzu.