How do I input tracks into Google Maps on Ipad?


I don't think google maps on a idevice is capable of doing that

Maybe check out something like "GPS kit". Keep in mind unless you have a 3G model iPad its probably not worth playing with GPS apps ( being that the non 3G iPads don't have a proper GPS chip so arnt very accurate generally)
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There is an app called kmz loader (from memory) that will load up in google maps but not sure on google earth

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yeah that program decompresses KML files into KMZ files for google earth use ( KMZ/KML files are pretty much only used by google earth?)

Im fairly sure google maps on the ipad doesnt support importing GPS tracks on its own - so its probably easier just to get an app that does

There are a few free options (like google earth as mentioned) which can import tracks as far as Im aware - but if you want to record tracks etc your probably better off with somthing like mudmaps or gpskit or using somthing other than the ipads built in google maps which is pretty basic with its features

Keep in mind if your ipad isnt the "cellular" type - its not going to work that well for tracking where you are out in the middle of nowhere (as it doesnt have satellite GPS capability) but it will work fine for viewing maps etc at home while you have WIFI so it can download them