How capable is my R50??

Hey guys
still newish to 4wding as i have only been out on a few tracks in the otways and around that area with my pathy, It has 31 muddies, 1.5 inch tough dog lift, a factory bullbar and a few other bits and pieces on it. looking at doing some harder tracks soon...I understand it has a unibody but I just want to know how capable my pathy is and it's set up.
cheers guys


only way to find out is to get out there and get into it, most of the time the limiting factor is the drivers ability to pick lines and point the car in the right direction.
If in doubt always go with someone, preferably someone with more experience than yourself. Only way to learn
yea thats what i was thinking, go and see what happens haha cheers for that mate


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Komater is spot on. Your probably going to be the limiting factor of the car for a while. I know some people with pathfinders (that and the next model too) with ATs and a 2" ish lift and with careful driving they go most places you would want to point them.
A solid axle vehicle will generally be more 'capable' if you are looking at doing regular, hardcore tracks. That said, a good driver in even an average 4WD will make all the difference.

I've seen some very ordinary vehicles drive places I'd think twice about taking my 80, which is well modified.

I reckon it will go where you want it to; just try to avoid wheel spin on rocky tracks, and drive with a bit of mechanical sympathy. It will go a long way



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You will have no issues in a pathfinder. NickJ has taken his around most of Australia

It is more capable than my R51 to all accounts as that is Ifs and Irs and that has been through everything i have pointed it at in the Flinders, Grampians and high country
As people say get out there, take your time and try and get someone with a bit of experience to help you in the first few trips

Where you based?


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Grew up in otways. And unlike the rocks I now encounter, biggest issue is mud in otways.
Not to many modifications other than tires help in that clay!
Get out there, take it easy and see how you go as your confidence in yourself and your truck grow!


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Have to agree with Gavo, tyres probably no. 1 in the Otways. MT at a minimum, bias tyre even better ie. Simex
Grew up in otways. And unlike the rocks I now encounter, biggest issue is mud in otways.
Not to many modifications other than tires help in that clay!
Get out there, take it easy and see how you go as your confidence in yourself and your truck grow!
im located in eastern melb gavo, im heading up to the grampians mid march so ill try to check out a few tracks whilst im up there


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It's only limited by your imagination. Plus your driving skills too.
I have taken mine to many places around Victoria and Australia. Mine is similar to yours, but it does have a front Lokka which helps awesomely.
Ground clearance seems to be the biggest issue, due to the limitations of the front end travel. Some have 3 inch lift, front diff drops etc.



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I recently bought an Amarok and read much about what it can do. However, I didn't want to find out the"hard" way by myself so decided to find out under controlled conditions under the watchful eyes of experienced instructors. I went to the Melbourne 4wd training ground near Werribee. Best $300 spent. On a day of intensive 4wdriving. I learned the vehicle's capabilities on very steep ascents, descents, river crossings, mud bogs etc.
I know its a little late to put my 20 cents in but here gos.... I can only state from fact.. yes my pathfinder is the older one a WD21.. last of them built 08/95... Now some have said both on here and other sites that they feel that they have limits.. Yes they do.. but every 4wd and driver all have some kind of limit... And yes i do push my car more then i should... But in saying that i never go on any trip solo... and i feel that no one should unless they know the track and area 100%.. Now some have said why buy a WD21 . why not? at the time it was cheap only $1000 and came with only 42,000KM's.. Would i buy anther..yes... but would do all the modifications straight up... not as i have little by little.. And best part of owning this car?.. in the club i'm in i have had to recover a few cars.. and yes some of them have been Toyota's and they all hate it when its me there to help out... But they all change there mind in the end .. Even the guy in the twin locked 80 .. LOL.. he in the beginning wouldn't let me go on some of the hard trips.. now .. At least he don't rule me out going anymore...
Digging up the old.
I have had 2 50s one a 96 and one 02, absolutely there are restrictions compared to a tricked up 80 series or patrol, BUT I was alway the one to cop shit from my mates about my cars although went absolutely everywhere they did. A trip to Robe and out done the lot of them on the sand. The key to it mate is, pick the easiest line on the same track. I can’t recall not getting anywhere they did to be honest, add a winch for safety and happy days. I now have a gq and year it does the tricky stuff easy, to easy for that matter that I sometimes wish I still had my pathy to use my brain and get strategic. My advise is keep the car for a long time and master it. It will make you a far better operator in the long run with a more capable 4x4.