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How are the rules in Australia

Discussion in 'Information For Newbies' started by Klasb, May 19, 2017.

  1. Klasb

    Klasb New Member

    How are the rules in Australia.
    If I take my car to Australia from Sweden, how does the rules work?
    My Toyota Hilux x-cab car weighs 2680 kg. Will the car be weighed? Annual control? Police check out on the road?
    Fully loaded, it weighs too much. What can happen in Australia?
  2. Towie

    Towie Moderator

    It would be best to contact the Government Authority in charge of bringing your Lux into Australia.
    From what i understand they are very very lenient with regards to vehicles coming in as you are however they are most certainly not lenient on us that live here.
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  3. Aaron Schubert

    Aaron Schubert Moderator

    Towie is correct. Maybe finding someone who has done it already would point you in the right direction as to contacts etc. If you are on Facebook, message ' Kim's cummins powered patrol' - he brought a massive patrol to Australia and did a small lap in it. He'd be able to give you the details you need (obviously check with authorities too)

  4. mikehzz

    mikehzz Well-Known Member

    The steering wheel and pedals are on the wrong side... :)
  5. nananut

    nananut Well-Known Member

    There is a special import permit for bringing foreign-registered vehicles on a temporary basis. There are safety checks as part of the permit. Your vehicle is only allowed in Australia for 12 months without needing to apply for an Australian licence.

    Info at:

    Like the others also said, check the State's Department of Transport.

    More info:

    Good luck! I've seen a couple of international registered vehicles in WA. One was a very nice Land Rover and the other was a Iveco campervan. Got a picture of the Land Rover somewhere but no pictures of the Iveco. Landy was UK-registered and the Iveco had Euro plates.
  6. Klasb

    Klasb New Member

    Hi. I do not agree with Towie. Australia has one of the world's most difficult rules for bringing a foreign car in the country. Different rules for cars from the Commonwealth, returnees and the rest of the world.
    I can not leave Australia without taking the car with me, I can not go to New Zealand to renew my visa and leave the car in Australia. All rules can often be solved in one way or another.
    To get in the car in Australia, you need to hire a Fixer at a high cost. Once upon a time, it has happened to me and it was to Egypt
    When I take in the car in Australia, it's empty and can handle the car's maximum weight. When I think and pack the car weighs too much.
    The question is? The car will be weighed Weigh at the annual inspection or on another occasion?
  7. Klasb

    Klasb New Member

    Thank you Nananut. Just the information I'm looking for
  8. nananut

    nananut Well-Known Member

    Towie's not wrong about being lenient with a modded vehicle. The Patrol that Aaron mentioned if registered in Australia would be illegal and needs a lot of engineering certification to be done legally. Luckily that Patrol is foreign-registered which does bypass the strict modification rules in Australia.
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  9. Klasb

    Klasb New Member

    I'm sorry but there will be no trip for me and my car to Australia. No foreigner can leave Australia without taking his car. My plan was to get to Australia by car and go home after three to six months, leave the car and return after six months. After three trips, Australia would be explored and me and my car would leave Australia.
    Me and my car have been around almost the whole world without meeting a similar rule that works in practice

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