How about a gallery!!!!!!


How about putting in a gallery section so users can place pic's of the vehicles, pics of tracks, and just general pic's of interest. :rolleyes:

This will add to the experience, especially if pic's of tracks are shown, so then users can see the track/conditions for themselves. :D

Pic's of 4x4's would be good as well, especially if they have battle damage. :D:D


We are planning a few bits and pieces. First will be a general gallery, followed by a My Rig section where you can put all the details about your truck in including good and bad parts about it. Maybe sections like landscapes, action shots, most air you have gotten and battle damage.

Not too sure when it will be up. The web guys are pretty busy with some new features, but hopefully it is not too far away.


How long till the general gallery is up? I've got lots of pics I'd love to share with other members.


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Great idea

I know i would love to upload photos of my mates and i out and about. aswell as some of the trucks. Maybe allow for pictures to be uploaded to the users profile. But all in all a gallery would be a great addition to this site.

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