Hoping for a Watagans day-trip late December 19,23,27,28,29


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Hey Lads,

Just putting a feeler out there to see if there is any interest in a day-trip over @ the watagans?

The days I have at the moment
19th (all day)
23 (all day)
27 (all day)
28 (all day)
29 (all day)



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Sure would mate, let me have a look!
Fly back in to NSW tomorrow :)
I don't think I'll make the trip out mate, but happy to talk about a day-trip later! :D


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I'm in for pretty much any of those days, i'm on holidays till the 4th so day trip or overnight to watagans is all good for me.


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Dang on a holiday up north at the moment would of loved to come out. Maybe next time


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Myself and a mate are on holiday from SA in Newcastle at the moment and have been wanting to check out some tracks around the place. Would it be alright if we tagged along?


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I'm might be able to come on Tuesday the 29th at this stage where do you intend on going? Bit worried after seeing your trucks dunno if i'de keep up!
It's probably very wet up there too


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I'd be up for a run on the 29th. I'm not set up for anything too serious either but keen to explore the area a bit more.