Home made squat jerry can holder.

John U

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Howdy experts.
I’ve knocked this up for a Simpson Desert crossing. After a bit of feedback. I’ve left it a bit late so probably more after potential points of failure rather than improvements.
Going to leave them empty until leaving Mt Dare.
They’re unlocked.


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Hi, Nice job.
I would say if you just had the bolts holding them in place, good luck.
But with the strap`s over the jerries you shouldn`t have a problem, just keep checking.

Have fun, and safe trip.

John U

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I don’t see an issue with how you have mounted them but probably wouldn’t have gone to that much trouble. Empty them into your tank as soon as they will fit to get the weight off the roof
Will do.
I borked at $260 for a holder and $160 for 2 compatible cans. Would’ve save me a ton of time. Ended up costing me about $160 all up. Got to use some of my tools which is always a bonus.


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As mentioned empty them as soon as possible but then keep in mind there is no emergency supply left , if we didn't already have a 3 month trip planned for latter in the year I would have loved to have joined this one

John U

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Contributing to the local economy and not complaining. They stayed open late for us and allowed us to get away early in the morning.


My co pilot. Reasonably early as temps were hitting high 30's, Dalhousie Springs. Water temperature was like a warm bath. Not the sort of thing to be swimming in when it's high 30's.

Solid advice

Purnie Bore. The is heated by geothermal processes and water is almost 100 degrees when it comes out of the ground.

The water was possibly quite mineral rich, allowing it to form some interesting rock formations.
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