Holden Rodeo 1989

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Holden Rodeo, 1989

Good Points
not new, so we don't need to worry about scratching it, as well as being tough, came with alot of stuff on it which proofed to be expensive stuff.

Bad Points
engine could run better(but is still a trooper), some rust in it, few oil leaks,

What mods have you done?
What I bought it wth:
Heavy duty bash plate, steal bullbar, and transfer case shield.
tow bar
tornau cover
2 spare wheels/tyres
I am certain it has had a lift on it too, maybe 2"s.
What we have put on it since-
Maxxis buckshots 31-10.5-15
moon/sun roof
bonnet scoop(yes quite functional)
hella spotties and narva reversing spotty
Mounting bracket on back of cab for 2x aerials and spotty
PVC water tank against tray head board with tap in back stone panel
uniden 27mgz, uniden uhf, pioneer dvd/tuner, roof mount screen,
6x9s(front doors) 6"(rear doors)
dash mount camera support
blue tooth handsfree
On board compressor and 350watt invertor, tool kit (behind back seat)
Tray mounted tool box with jack and tools
tray floor mounted tie downs

What mods are on the list to do?
We will probably run it till it dies now, with all the stuff able to be swapped to a new truck.
maybe a lift and bigger tyres with a gear reduction if we do do anything.

Why did you buy this vehicle?
With a tight budget in mind, we found this through a private seller. With the bull bar, heavy duty plates, as well as a plated child restraint, air cond, power steer, 4wd, rego and t/cover all for 2 grand! so we bought and all of the progress has been on a budget as well. the car as it sits would probabloy only owe use 3500-4000 with all mods. Some of this a cheet as my brothers a mechanic and i work at autobarn so gear is cheep and alot i already had or bartered.
It's defnitly proof though that you can build a great daily/weekend cruiser on a tight budget

How often do you go offroad?
if the tanks full and i'm not busy, we're going somewhere!

What will your next vehicle be?
60series cruiser or a gq-gu patrol
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My brother who is the mechanic, checked my front bearings the other night, tightened and greased and we confirmed how bad the free wheel hubs were (anyone got some cheep spare ones let me know).
But he told me that i had gone through water with hot diff's. i sheepishly said yes i had. It's one of those things, you never intend to do river crossings, but then you go out bush, you end up having to do one.
So i did the diff breathers- finally.




Cheap but affective filters. cost $15 if that.