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Hello all .
can any one tell me what they think of a 2001 holden Jackaroo 3ltr turbo diesel as a 4x4 pro's and con's
Thank you steve


Mmmm...Can't give you the pro's and cons but a mate of mine got rid of his a while back and he's a diesel mech and he said he wouldn't go near them again.


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toyinau they have well documented probs with injectors i think , but depends on how well they have been serviced. check with the jackaroo club they have all the imfo you will need . I had one for yrs and was a bloody good car very under rated ,if getting at a good price and has a good service history i wouldn't write it off . Google it as well explains it all there . Good luck .
I love mine and would buy another without thinking about it..there is a lot of chatter about the 3.0TD engine but I have been told by a few mechanics that it is because it was so advanced for their time most mechanics didn't/don't have the skill set to work them out. They are great to drive, almost like driving a car. There are recommendations to swap the engine to the 2.8TD when if it blows up. I know that in NZ with all the imports that they are commonly getting well over 400k kms out of the 3.1TD Jacks/bighorn/lizzards which is also from the same stable.


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mate of mine had a jack and I would buy one in a heartbeat if they suite me what queensland Chris says is exactly right if you want jump on to the jackaroo group on facebook they are great help and will point you in the right direction

muc the truck

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there great with a rodeo , dmax or Colorado transplant . considering you can buy a one with a dead engine for 1500 and a wrecked rc Colorado for 4k . its not a bad deal