Holden Jackaroo 3.0 D 1998


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Holden Jackaroo 3.0 D, 1998

Good Points
Reliable, spacious and economical.

Bad Points
Can be temperamental until you get used to it.

What mods have you done?
2 inch lift
foam cell shocks
32r mud tyres
dual batteries

What mods are on the list to do?

Why did you buy this vehicle?
It fit the bill when we bought it in 2000 as a comfortable, spacious and economical family car in which we could still go off road.

How often do you go offroad?
4 to 5 times a year

What will your next vehicle be?
unsure. Still happy with modding the Jack at this stage.


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Looks good mate. I'm seriously thinking about getting one of these things. Have you had any dramas with the car while you've had it?


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Some people can find them temperamental but apart for some fuel system issues that were sorted out under warranty there has been little to complain about. At the moment we have a minor problem with the throttle positioning sensor not reading properly, but it just means it is not as efficient as it could be. We are looking at replacing it now, and can get the parts online fairly cheap.
This motor is particular about the oil used, but we have had no issues since we changed to Mobil Delvac 15W40at around $90/20litres.
The second battery is a good idea as it is a bit slow to crank over. The models from 2002 onwards had one fitted from factory.
Otherwise it has been the reliable family car for the last 13 years. (The mods are more recent since we updated the wife's car and I took over the Jack).