Holden Colorado MY17


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Well heres my Collie that i been building up.

So its got an Ironman bullbar with 9500lb Carbon winch, 26" LED light bar (1680w), 2" Ironman susp. Lift running 285/75r16 Kenda MT/29 tyres on steel white rims, Ironman sliders/steps, Bushskinz underbody protection, 129l Brown and Davis LR tank, Alpha canopy with racks, Holden roof racks holding Rola cage, Holden steel rear bar and tow package, drawers system in the tub, Holden slim line weather sheilds, Uhf installed, VMS, Canvas seat covers, Fridge slide, side awning and rear awning and some fluffy dice. ECU remap to come and some other little power upgrades. 500nm of torque factory and 147kw.
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Hi Luthy,
I almost thought I was looking at my white MY14 Colorado when I saw this, as I also have a Rola roof basket on top, a separate rack on the canopy and an awning on the side (I even have a short awning I could fit on the rear :)). I'm interested on how you find running the 285/75 tyres? My past experience is there would be a noticeable loss in acceleration and some fuel economy penalty, compared to factory spec. Plus all the exterior add-on's add to fuel economy loss. Just wondering whether you had a chance to compare performance and fuel economy in factory spec. verses how your Colorado is now? I went up one size in tyres to 245/75 (verses factory spec. 245/70) on mine. Hope the Colorado is still going well for you!


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Hey Collie18,

Yeah the 285's have made a noticeable difference in acceleration but I dont really mind to much as they have a fair bit of poke at stock form. Would I do the 285's again? Yes definitely but I like the added height this affords me. If I was to build it more for touring I would definitely leave them at 265's. I run at about 12.8klm/100 but I have a fair bit of stuff hauling in it. If I took the roof cages off the fuel usage goes down a fair bit actually. Mate loving the Colorado..... havent had any big problems with it and it's great to drive. I'm just upgrading the brakes this week to help it stop a lil better with the bigger rubber and then I will get remap to switch the egr system off and a dyno tune.

Glad you like me truck!