Holden Colorado 7 2nd row centre seat belt locked up

Hi all, I have a 2015 Colorado 7 and the 2nd row centre belt has locked up with the seat folded down. I managed to get the seat back to come back up to sitting position and ordered a replacement retractor belt. When we went to fit it I realised how big a job it is. The new belt retracted ok with out fitting to the seat, the old one we managed to get working but it was clunky so I was confident this was the issue. We fitted the new belt but couldn’t find any procedure on adjusting the seat belt release cable, I even contacted Holden tech support but they couldn’t find anything relating to adjusting the cable.
With the belt fitted and the seat assembled we still have the seat belt locked up, I have tried having the seat at all angles and the cable connected, disconnected and moving the short cable to the retractor in all positions with no luck.
I noticed that there is a recall for the 60% side of the 2nd row seat for the seat back lock when upright and my car is in this vin number range and this is the seat I am having issues with, as I brought the car 2nd hand I am unsure if done, I will contact Holden tomorrow to find out though.
Has any one else had this issue before and how was it fixed?
Also does anyone know what Holden check fix or replace in relation to this above recall?

Thanks in advance.


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We experienced the same thing re the seat belt middle 2nd row, but we were unable to fix the locked seat belt while it was folded, that time we were about to go for a long drive so we do not have any option but to cut it, because we do not use the middle seat at all.
But now I need to pass the rego check, so I inquired how much to fix the problem, Holden told me it will be $870 to fix it!
How did you go with this problem?

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Superglue and nominate it as "for mother in law only!"

Seriously though,
I have had retractable belt lock up and sometimes they will unlock if you can tilt the mechanism. Maybe you could have tried parking on a steep hill forward and reverse to get the pendulum to move?


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We should have done that! but too late, the belt retracted all the way inside the seat! not much luck so, zero option, no one selling 2nd hand as well!