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G'day All,

Has anyone had any luck getting a HN7 to talk to windows 10 given that Windows Mobile Device Centre doesn't work on W10. I purchased a map upgrade recentey & I've had no luck uploading it on to my HN7. I attempted to talk to Hema & unfortunately they were no help at all.



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How to set the Dinosaur to Mass storage mode so pc reads it... Hema named it Usb mode. Tap setting /usb/select USB/ (Not Windows Syn) save setting. Plug into pc and wait for it to load. Or you have wrong / faulty cable if its not recognised. PS usb mode allows you to manually copy the map files to your device .The default location is on the sd card in the Folder called Oziexplorer Maps
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Hey there, I stumbled upon this post and thought I might be able to help. I had a similar issue with my HN7 not being recognized by my Windows 10 PC. After some research, I found a solution that worked for me. You can try setting the HN7 to Mass Storage mode by going to Settings, selecting USB, and choosing USB (not Windows Syn). Make sure to save the setting before plugging it into your PC. If it still doesn't work, it could be a faulty cable or driver issue. You can also manually copy the map files to your device by using USB mode. Also, you can look for some help in the Reddit windows keys community. That's were I found those tips in the first place. I hope this helps! By the way, I'm new to this forum and excited to be part of the community.
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