HJ 60 indicator lens seals

Roderick Long

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Hi all

I am looking for some new replacement seals for my HJ 60 indicator lenses.

My 4x4 is a round head light model.

Can anyone give me a contact for these or a link to a site that has them

I have tried making them but with no luck, searching wreckers but there all toast, Rare Spares have nothing same as Terrain Taimer.

Someone also mentioned Ebay but with a lot of searching i have also drawn a blank.

Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks..


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Paddler Ed

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81512-90A00 is the Toyota part number you're looking for, so it will be a seperate item to the indicator unit.

Try Amayama and look up the part number there, or go to Toyota and ask if they have it as a stock line still (you never know)