HJ 60 Brake problems

Roderick Long

New Member
Having a problem with my brake pedal going all the way to the floor.
I still have brakes but only just but if i pump the pedal it will come up tight.
The system is not loosing fluid from the brake reservoir or showing signs of any broken brake lines or hoses.
If i pump the pedal the brake light will flash on and off but will not stay on at all.
I was wandering if the soft pedal could be due to low vacuum pressure from the alternator or a problem with the brake booster.
The car has had new brakes fitted not long ago and a new alternator back in 2013 which i am not so sure i trust.
Any sugestions on what could be the problem would help.


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Your master cylinder may be bypassing fluid. If you pump the brakes while the engine is off, does the pedal go hard then? If not, the master cylinder may be suspect. . . assuming you have bled the system thoroughly previously

Roderick Long

New Member
Yes i have had that happen before but the master cylinder was replaced about two to three years ago by my self.
Just wondering if the quality of the present one is not that flash and it has done it again, last time it was do to age and the car sitting around for many years.
Just rang Terrain Tamier and theres are made in Japan so at least thats a good start.
Thanks for your help, i will keep you posted to what i find to be the problem.