Hitch Receiver cargo carrier


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Does anyone use a hitch carrier (in lieu of a roof rack)?

We fit pretty much everything we need inside the vehicle but it is a squeeze.

With lift I can still fit in many local shops/CBD carparks - a permanent roof rack would mean street parking.
I know I could buy (removeable) roof crossbars and add a pod or basket... but interested in feedback on hitch carriers.
Rear bars are too expensive for my limited use.

Main use is the annual family beach tracks/ campsite... maybe future desert trip.
No rock crawling/ "serious" 4wd
Considering a mate welding a custom carrier to carry lightweight bulky stuff on the rear ~30kg. Though would consider adding a water container too.

* camp chairs
* tarp
* sleepingbag
* pillows

Gear kept waterproof/sand free with (separate) appropriate bags.

Design would be a swing away (prado) and sit high to minimise limiting departure angle.
Probably add extra stay to minimise sway/rattles.
Add licence plate and lights/indicators etc

thoughts & feedback on adding weight to rear rather than top appreciated


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I have a Patrol with two Roof Racks, one for a boat & the other for touring,
I have a double garage with a pully system in the roof using a hand boat winch & take the racks off when not needed.
Very easy to use & cheep to make.

Aaron Schubert

I've seen it done. You may need to add secondary lights and a second number plate. It would reduce your departure angle dramatically to the point that almost only flat driving would be suitable