Hilux wheel size


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Hi everyone. First time poster. Just looking for some advice I’m a novice with the 4x4s. I bought a 03 hilux ln167 lately. All good. But she needs new shoes. It has 235/75r15 all terrains on it. There’s some great deals going on 16 inch wheels and tyres. Can you put 16s on this ute or will it be dog slow and very thirsty? If you can what’s the recommendations for size of tyre and offset etc. or am I as well off just get new rubber for the 15s? Thanks in advance


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31 x 10.5r 15’s are a good fit for that model. You’ll lose a bit of acceleration and the already woeful brakes will be even worse. You can go to 16’s but it is the tyre diameter, not the wheel diameter that is critical.


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What’s with calling tyres “shoes”???
See it all the time on FB groups.
Don’t get it.


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I bought a 2003 LN 167 in 2007. I still have it and have put 160,000 k's on it with the standard size 205 x 16 tyres.

I started with its original split rims then changed to standard 16 inch Nissan Navara wheels from around the early 1990s. They widened the track by about 7 mm from memory so they were well within the legal limits.

Those tyres have taken my wife and I over countless mountain and desert tracks in every State and Territory except Tasmania and all on handbook pressures.

The only major alteration to the car is a automatic locking front diff.