Hilux ln106 turbo choice?

SFA hilux

Hi guys.
My Schwitzer turbo on my 3l 2.8 motor has been leaking oil ever since I’ve had the car. I don’t know a lot about turbos but from what I’ve read, if it leaks it’s time for a rebuild.
There’s lots of New ct20 turbos online pretty cheap, $200-400.
I’ve read lots of little things like ‘they aren’t a good turbo’ or “there too small for a 2.8”.
But I don’t really know, they seem pretty popular. If there ok I would just bang one of these on?
With my gearing I’m sitting on 3000rpm at 100kms.
Only running 7psi and don’t really plan to run any more, just want reliability keeping the oil To stay inside the engine.
Can anyone recommend a good turbo choice?
Maybe I should just rebuild my current turbo?
Any input would be much appreciated.