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Hi all,

I have just bought a 1997 Hilux extra cab 2.8l diesel(before you give me stick, i know how sluggish they are. To make matters worse i have to sell my comfty berlina wagon)

I live on the sunshine coast QLD and am looking forward to doing some off-roading with my wife and little girl.

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Hi Gribbo, I was up in your region last weekend. The surf was great and sun shining. May see you around


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Welcome Aboard.
I hope you get great enjoyment from the use of your Hilux. You have some great places up around your area

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Theres nothing wrong with the 2.8 hilux ...
it doesn't have the top end - and if you load it up it is sluggish and bogs down a bit
but otherwise it still chugs along well being diesel

well done ... hope you enjoy it !!!


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Hi Gribbo and welcome to the site enjoy your stay here there is plenty to read up on and always someone to help with advice, and 4x4s are not speed machines we all putter along nicely but we enjoy it and have lots of fun


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Hi Gribbo, welcome.

I had a '97 Hilux dual cab. 2.8L (non turbo). Was pretty happy with it.


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welcome dude.........

go the hilux, had a couple my self good units
great for hunting out the back of...

dont have one now thought....

get out get dirty and have fun

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Hi Gribbo, I run a 2.8 TD Triton, you just gotta use a bit more right foot, but then I have a baby turbo to help i suppose, either way get into it and enjoy the greatness that is our bush.