Hilux hard start issues

Hi all,
I own a 2008 Toyota Hilux and have recently had issues with the battery going flat through the week as I mainly drive a work vehicle. At first I would charge my battery and everything would be fine, but as this this has become a chore I have since installed a battery isolator that I flick off when Im not using it.
Now it seems that the battery isnt quite running flat but yet my Hilux seems to really struggle to start and turns over very slowly at first, usually taking a few turns of the key to get going. When it is warm it seems better but still not as easy as when I first got it.
So I now have some new glow plugs to change over as Im thinking this could also be the issue. The problem now is that I have absolutely no idea where to find the glow plugs haha. Im not too mechanically minded but want to learn to do these things myself. Any advice to links online or info on how to access my glow plugs is greatly appreciated.



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Fitting a battery isolator is not going to fix the problem if your battery is not holding charge. The first thing you need to check is your battery as it is most likely stuffed.
Pulled the intercooler off and found the glow plugs but getting to them without moving the manifold is a job in itself...

Went and had the battery tested and the CCA are down to 550 so the battery is on the way out. The isolator was installed to stop a parasidic drain that I have somewhere - so that is doing its job as the battery hasn't been flat since I installed it.

I'd say that because the battery had been draining to almost completely flat, it has reduced its duty cycle significantly. I'll take the glow plugs back and grab a new battery and see how she goes.

Cheers boys!


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If it's a manual try roll starting it down a bit of a slope. My old 80 would start as soon as the clutch come out. With a good battery would make those Rrr rrr sounds. Like dno67 said new starter motor fixed.

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Google amaron battery sellers.

That should give you a list near you

I bought mine from a battery distributior. I’ve been gping there for years