hilux brake upgrade part 1

G'day, just discovered this posting. It's somewhat relevant as I'm about to replace both front rotor discs, pads and bearings etc on my 2011(KUN26R) Hilux Ex Cab. I've just purchased (hopefully)all the parts from Repco, no fancy upgrade beyond simply fixing up worn out old brakes. All up cost $920ish. Finances are a bit tight at the moment..., and wallet wizard will never be an option.
So anyway, I've watched a bunch of 'appropriate' YouTube tutorials, chatted to more mechanically experienced mates..., and have a kind of brains trust available at the end of a phone call.
Going to do the business 'outside' on very hard packed level ground, under a big 'Kimberly Kitchen' tarp stretched between Peppy trees. It's been a bit warmish here. Under car chocks will be a couple of large(wide) Jarrah 'rounds'.

I live on an isolated rural property....., what can go wrong ? ;-)
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Just make careful note of how you pulled it apart, and put it together the same. Make sure the pistons in the callipers are not seized , if it has single piston callipers,grease the sliding pins,, check wheel bearings while it's apart etc.