Hilux 2l-te turbo set up into 3L


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I'm thinking about getting a turbo installed into my snail.

First question is that a 2l-te turbo set up will basically bolt straight on, of course with a few mods like the oil lines etc. Is this correct??

My 3L has a ac unit so was wondering if the manifold or anything will be disrupted by the ac unit i dont forsee this as being a problem but just incase.

And lastly what am i looking to pay for set up from a wrecker?? I was quoted about $1100 to do the install so just want to add up the cost of everything else i need. (and hopefully dont have to have the turbo recond)

Any help would be good, thanks. :D


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you shouldnt run in to any problems getting it fitted up but if i was to buy a Turbo from a wrecker i would be getting it serviced as you dont know what its been through!!!