high mount winch stolen


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Just putting it out there, you never know, if anyone knows of a cheap Warn hign mount winch getting around, please let me know, it may be mine, it was stolen, and I obviously want it back, can't hurt to put the word out I figure.

Also if it's not mine, I could be interested in buying one..

A tip for us all list every mod you do to your car. insurance is looking like not paying for it cos it wasn't separately listed..


insurance companies are getting tricky , when i renewed recently they asked if i had after market seat covers . so i guess that proves they will insure everything .


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dirty thieves

mate it hurts i know i lost a set of lightforce 240 the new though only 170 wont be taken by anyone :cool:


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Knocking of a winch. Gees, people are getting keen these days. Good luck with the insurance.


hmmm.... thanks for the reminder... gotta list my highmount winch on the policy... though that said i'm confident you can't get my winch off without removing the entire bullbar...

oh and while we're on the topic of things getting nicked, if anyone knows of anyone who aquired a 8x5 Carac Tandem trailer around the week the Black Saturday fires started tell me about it... my Rover Crew's one was nicked from our scouthall in dandenong nth the sunday evening before Black Saturday itself... trailer is reasonably distinctive, 2 extra foot on the drawbar, 18" sides, welded in front gate, continuous Tie rails on all sides, removable rear tailgate, and most particularly of all, yellow and red clearence lights on custom brackets in the front and rear corners under the side tie rails, these alone are simply not on the Carac option list so theoretically shouldn't exist on another Carac tandem... we think we may have seen it around Berwic area twice but couldn't pursue to be sure... oh and slight bend in the rear gate too... nuffy stood on the edge when it was hangin on the chains...

cheers all


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thats crap! i had a brand new 12,000lb winch pinched off my truck a while ago now. The biggest pissoff for me was that the truck was locked in a workshop!
good luck!!!


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G'day Nux, what a b*****d mate! But if you still want a winch I have a 24 volt Warn Highmount, middle '80 vintage, hasn't been overworked and is still in good condition, but has spent the last 24 years under my bench, unused. I was going to have it altered to 12 volt but never really got around to it. I bought it for one of the 24 volt Nissans that were around in those days. If you're interested, I'm sure I can make the price very attractive.