High country tracks week after cup day


Hey guys, me and some of my mates are doing the high country in the week after cup day. Looking for some good tracks, smallest 4b going to be on 33's with twin lockers. Any suggestions? Want to base at pineapple flats for a couple of days and also do blue rag, not sure if we want to go down the other side yet or not. All very experienced drivers (driver and navi in tuff truck2 x years) so not scared of the hard stuff!!!


You could do a circle of Billy Goats Bluff to the Pinnacles Fire Lookout...Then go to Junction Track down the back way to Scrubby Creek Track and then out on Wonnangatta Rd...Only problem is the Wonnangatta River..There is one crossing and if its FULL you'll need to go back around.(which is fun anyway)...

Goodluck ;)

P.S Double Check Track Closures as some tracks are shut till the end of November :eek::eek:

PK Kitchens

If your driving twin locked trucks and some being comp trucks you'll be able to drive everything around the high country. It's not that hard there.