High country conditions


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I am doing a HC trip in a few weeks, Mansfield, Wonnangatta, Zelda Spur, Howitt plains, King Billy and Bluff track plus what ever takes our fancy
Undecided on what car to take, well kitted out touring D4 or bush pig highly modded Disco 1
What are the current track conditions like?
I haven’t been up that way for a very long time and don’t want to smash the D4 with insane tracks but don’t want to put up with the bush pig if driving easy stuff
Any info on recent track conditions would be appreciated


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I assume you are going from Mansfield to Wonnangatta via the high plains and King Billy Track, then Zeka Spur track ( I'm not familiar with Zelda Spur).

The D4 will have no problems with any of that. King Billy is probably the most rocky ( bumpy but not really challenging) , but any high 4WD could do it in a doddle. I did much of that about a month ago, and It's been pretty dry since then. There is nothing that threatens panels, etc if you pick your lines. None of it is very technical and the 35" brigade tends to stay closer to Melbourne.

Zeka spur ( if that's what you are referring to ) is easy but stays slippery in the areas that don't get sun around the middle. There are quite a few tight switchbacks in the top half that would be a PITA after a while if you have a large turning circle.

If you are heading out of Wonnangatta on the east to Dargo. Allow 5 or so hours. It doesn't look far on a map, but it takes a long time.

Herne Spur is the steepest, then Wombat. I've towed my Tvan through that whole area. ( Wombat Range track, not Herne Spur). I'd only do that if there had been no rain for a few days. Wombat is pretty steep too.
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I will be taking the D4, no recent updates but have driven those tracks multiple times so even if there are sections that have been a bit chopped up I’m not that concerned I just didn’t want to get up there and wish I’d taken the old bush toy

I will post some photos of the trip and I’ve some track updates next week


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Back from the weekend in the HC, an easy trip, heaps of dust about, the tracks were in pretty good condition given the amount of rain over the last year.
Only had 2 sections near Lovicks hut that provided any real 4wding challenge, one was a side shoot off the main track, some big wombat holes on a steep climb and decent, got some good wheel lifts and one section that the main track was severely damaged with big holes and step ups, this one had a little bypass track that was an easy option but the hard line provided more dun and wheel lifts
All up a great trip with just under 300km on dirt and a total of 650km for the weekend, the old bus once again performed perfectly and impressed with its capabilities