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Zordo talked me into going along to the day trip last Sunday up the Noosa beach and I thought the people we met were really weird so I have joined up.

I have an early 100 series GXL 4.5 on vapour injection LPG with air lockers, 3inch lift and a few bits of bling... and now it has no front diff because I ripped some teeth off the front crown wheel a couple of weekends ago!

My wife and I live on Brisbanes northside in Upper Kedron (round the corner from Zordo) and have a 14 year old daughter and a 6 year old boy. We just love going away on camping/4x4 weekends and doing a bit of tough driving.

Love places like The Springs, Janowen, Crystalvale (when wet) etc...




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hey dan you guys arnt in the landcruiser club yhat meets at the endinborogh castle hotel a

re yas?
oh and gday hope you enjoy sorry


G'day and welcome Dan, Deeg! Enjoy your time here as I'm sure everyone else does. Your truck sounds pretty cool.

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Hi Dan,

Hope you enjoyed the day.

Shame about the 100 Series - Are you going to weld the Nissan Diff in as well :D:D