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Hi All

Just saying hello after registering 10 minutes ago. I know the moderators will be looking in to welcome me so if I could be so bold and point out that the Holden Adventura is in fact an Adventra and so if anyone cares they could alter the drop down list box accordingly in the profile screen.

Hoping to get some advice from seasoned Camper trailer people so I'll end here and go to to the right forum area.

Glad to be part of what looks to be a well attended forum.



Welcome aboard enjoy your stay, changing the name may be a job for the admin guys, thanks for pointing it out.


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G'day Barry, welcome to the forum. I'm sure the mods will look into changing the spelling for you. Do you have a camper trailer already or are you looking to buy? Have fun on the site. It's a very friendly, informative and exceptionally good forum.

Just watch out for those qlders like Yobbo and frosty!!:eek::rolleyes:


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Do you have a camper trailer already or are you looking to buy?

Hi Knot Guilty,

Thanks for the welcome. Weve been enticed by GIC at Regents Park here in Sydney burbs. Have ordered one today. I see you retail them from your signature, they look pretty all inclusive from your website!



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Thanks Grumpy

Not reaaaaaalllly important. just thought I'd share my observation. Thanks for the welcome.


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Was up your way playing in the Meni Mud on saturday testing out the old Patrol with a couple of Pajeros that needed bailing out :D:D. Howdy and welcome.

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Gday Grazza, welcome to the forum barry
It is a great place with a good friendly bunch of guys with a wealth of knowledge.
Enjoy your stay.


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Pajeros needing bailing out, I don't think so :D:D:D

Anyway, welcome to the site Barry and enjoy.